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The pure natural green loses weight the soup

Radish soup: Red and white radish each 250 grams (cleaning cutting and slicing), the ginger 10 grams, the watering boils thoroughly, the table salt blends flavors, drinks soup eats the radish.
  Winter melon skin broad bean soup: The winter melon skin 50 grams, the broad bean 60 grams, the clear water three bowls fry to a bowl, the skim drink.
   Red bean carp dashi: The red bean 150 grams, the carp (evisceration), the watering right amount hot pot soup, the table salt blends flavors together takes.
  Three Pi Yin: The fresh west melon skin 20 grams, the new winter melon skin 20 grams, the new canary-yellow melon skin 20 grams, fry the water to add the table salt little to drink.
  Snow stew: The sea hibernation of insects first 30 grams, the warm blister sends, the cleaning, cuts to pieces; The fresh water chestnut 15 grams, the cleaning skins, altogether puts in the pot, the watering right amount, the small rocket boils for 1 hour, a time or eats the soup at different times.
  Loach bean curd thick soup: The fresh bean curd 100 grams, the live loach 250 grams, the corn must (cloth wrapper) 30 grams. Puts the loach in the trough raises 1-2 days later, takes out with the corn must, the bean curd altogether enter the earthen pot, the watering right amount decoction, after treating thoroughly cooked, blends flavors takes, daily one time.

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